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About the school

Our school belongs to the most important technical schools in the region. It is focused especially on engineering, electrical engineering and logistics.

Two special features distinguish us from the others:

  • we prefer individual and cooperative approach to our students,
  • the equipment of the school ranks us among the top schools in the Czech Republic.

The special emphasis is put on the students’ personal development which can help them to join the working life with no difficulties, or continue their studies at universities.

Basic Information about the School

The name of the school, residenceSecondary Industrial School and Business Academy Uherský Brod,  Nivnická 1781, 688 01 Uherský Brod
Detached workplacesBusiness Academy - Předbranská 415, 688 01 Uherský Brod

Hall of Residence - Větrná 1370, 688 01 Uherský Brod

School Canteen - Větrná 1370, 688 01 Uherský Brod
ProviderZlín Region, třída Tomáše Bati 21, 761 90 Zlín
HeadmasterPaedDr. Rostislav Šmíd
Statutory representativeIng. Petr Matěk
Date of the establishment1951