Erasmus + před 4 dny, 15.10.2021 - Online „výjezd“ Rumunsko 11. - 13. 10. 2021
Ročníkové práce si drží úroveň před 5 dny, 14.10.2021 - SPŠOA
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Car body builder

This vocational branch provides three-year long studies finished by a vocational certificate. The specialized part of the curriculum is focused on the area of construction and repairs of the vehicle bodies as well as making and assembling tin and plastic components of the bodies. Skills acquired during the studies include welding or soldering. Students can increase their knowledge in the theoretical subjects such as Road Motor Vehicles or Repairs Technology. In addition to monthly allowance (300 - 500 Kč) a scholarship for excellent academic results by the Zlín Region is provided to the apprentices. The part of this programme is the possibility of getting a driving licence or / and certified welder card. After the studies students can start working, or they have an opportunity to study a programme called Extended Business Studies to finish their school-leaving exam.