Erasmus + před 4 dny, 15.10.2021 - Online „výjezd“ Rumunsko 11. - 13. 10. 2021
Ročníkové práce si drží úroveň před 5 dny, 14.10.2021 - SPŠOA
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Business Academy

This branch provides four-year long studies finished by a school-leaving examination. The curriculum is divided into theoretical and specialized subjects. This branch is focused on marketing and multimedia communication. Professional knowledge and skills are taught and practised in the subjects such as accounting, economy, banking, taxation structure as well as law making or project management. Students have the opportunity to train their achieved skills in various types of companies. Moreover graduates can work as spokespeople, public relations managers and the others, or they can apply for university studies. The branch is suitable for everybody interested in different types of businesses and trade.