Klapla školní vrátka, maturitu máš, tak plav... před 4 dny, 20.5.2022 - Zpívá známá píseň z českého kultovního filmu Jak básníci přicházejí o iluze
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This vocational branch provides three-year long studies finished by a vocational certificate. The curriculum is focused on designing and making tools, products and special gauges. Students acquire knowledge and skills of manual processing and machining of metals, plastics and wood. The ability to use triaxial tests system is enhanced during the studies. In addition to monthly allowance (300 - 500 Kč) a scholarship for excellent academic results by the Zlín Region is provided to the apprentices. It is possible to join a programme called 'Company Students'. Taking part in this cooperation of the school and particular local companies students can train in real conditions while learning and after the studies they may be given some beneficial job opportunities. After the studies students can start working, or they have an opportunity to study a programme called Extended Business Studies to finish their school-leaving exam.